Thursday, April 4, 2013

Facebook Home for Android

The problem with just getting going on this blog is that I can't prove how brilliant I was in predicting Facebook Home almost a year ago. I was discussing with a friend the popularity of custom launchers among a segment of Android users. You can change the look and feel of your home screen environment by switching out the visual shell from the stock version to whatever you can find on the Google Play store. There are quite a few of these, including some pretty intense 3D home screens, as well as less visually pleasing products.

It seemed obvious to me at the time that there was no reason for Facebook to get into the hardware market or even the device operating system game. Android is an open book, and the shell is replaceable. I laid out the vision to my friend of an Android phone with a complete Facebook experience. It's not just an app; it's then entire phone user experience. In fact, it makes sense for any content-driven organization to do the same. You can imagine enterprises building custom shells based around their organizational operations.

In any case, Facebook has followed my silent advice and because, while I had the foresight to imagine this solution for Facebook, I didn't bother writing it down, I don't get any credit for the idea at all. I'm relying entirely on your taking my word on this. Or you can ask Shree. Remind him it was over coffee at Cafe Umbria in Pioneer Square.

-- Rob Bearman

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